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Mid Murray Business and Community Highlights

Welcome to Mid Murray, one of the most vibrant and prosperous regions in South Australia. This region is home to many businesses and communities that have made their mark in various industries. Today, we'll be highlighting the best of business and community in and around the Mid Murray region.

Business Excellence in Mid Murray
From agriculture to manufacturing, Mid Murray is home to businesses of all types and sizes. Some of the most successful businesses in the region include:

1. Big River Pork: Established in 2008, Big River Pork is one of the largest pork producers in South Australia. Located in the town of Murray Bridge, this business has been supplying high-quality pork products to the local and international market.

2. Swanbury Penglase: This architectural firm has been in the business for over 100 years, providing outstanding service to their clients. Their notable works include Strathalbyn Library and the new head office for the Mid Murray Council in Mannum.

3. Nutrano Produce Group: This business has been taking advantage of the rich soil and favourable climate in the region to grow and supply fresh produce to both local and international markets. Nutrano Produce Group has been leading the way in agricultural excellence in Mid Murray.

Thriving Communities in Mid Murray
Apart from the bustling business landscape, Mid Murray is also known for its tight-knit and vibrant communities. These communities have been recognised for their numerous achievements, including:

1. Murray Bridge Lions Club: This service club has been making a difference in the region for over 60 years. The club's contributions to community projects and charities have been significant, and they continue to make an impact on the lives of people in Murray Bridge.

2. Mannum Community Club: This club has been providing a range of services to the local community since its establishment in 1904. From sporting events to live music performances, the Mannum Community Club has been a hub for social and recreational activities in the town.

3. Tailem Bend Football Club: This football club has been around for almost 120 years, and it has played an essential role in the development of the local community. The Tailem Bend Football Club has been a source of pride for the town, with its numerous championships and accolades.

Mid Murray is undoubtedly one of the most exciting regions in South Australia, with its rich business landscape and thriving communities. From Big River Pork to the Tailem Bend Football Club, the success stories in this region are a testament to the hard work and dedication of the people who call Mid Murray home.

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