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Mid Murray Eco Green

The Mid Murray region in South Australia has had a long history regarding environmental sustainability with many businesses paying close attention to their ecological footprint. Below are some of the eco-friendly businesses that contribute to the sustainability of the Mid Murray region.

1. Sedan Crayfish Farm

The Sedan Crayfish Farm is a business that breeds freshwater marron. The farm is uniquely designed for the conservation of the local environment and its ecology. The farm has reduced its ecological footprint through the use of renewable energy technologies such as solar panels. They have installed 90 solar panels that are capable of producing 20kw of power. The business has also implemented a closed-loop water system that recycles the water used for growing the crayfish. This system has significantly reduced the amount of fresh drinking water used by the business. To contact Sedan Crayfish Farm, call them on (08) 8575 1205.

2. Big Bend By Night

Big Bend By Night is a business that provides guided tours through the Riverland region of the Mid Murray. The business prioritises the safety and well-being of the wildlife in the region. The business team implements a strict code of conduct for their tours, ensuring that their activities do not disturb the local wildlife. Their tours also promote ecological awareness, allowing tourists to explore the environment in an eco-friendly manner. To contact Big Bend By Night, call them on (08) 8587 1333.

3. Qili Renewable Energy

Qili Renewable Energy is a renewable energy solutions provider that is committed to a sustainable future in the Mid Murray region. They provide cost-effective solar power solutions that are environmentally-friendly and can help reduce your carbon footprint. Qili Renewable Energy systems are designed to provide clean, pollution-free energy solutions that help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and promote a cleaner future. To contact Qili Renewable Energy, call them on (08) 8289 4433.

4. River Murray Houseboats

River Murray Houseboats is a business that provides eco-friendly houseboats for rent on the Murray River. They have a fleet of houseboats that are powered by electric power and are equipped with solar panels. The business is also committed to reducing its ecological footprint by recycling waste and promoting the use of environmentally-friendly products on board their boats. The business also offers guided tours on the river, promoting ecological awareness and supporting nature conservation activities. To contact River Murray Houseboats, call them on (08) 8532 1700.

5. Ecoscapes Sustainable Landscapes

Ecoscapes Sustainable Landscapes is a business that provides sustainable landscaping solutions in the Mid Murray region. The business focuses on eco-friendly solutions such as the use of drought-resistant plants and implementing irrigation systems that conserve water. They also use organic fertilisers and pesticides that are safe for the environment. The business has a team of expert landscapers that can help create beautiful landscapes while ensuring that they are eco-friendly. To contact Ecoscapes Sustainable Landscapes, call them on (08) 8250 3048.

6. The Organic Crayfish

The Organic Crayfish is a business that specialises in producing organic freshwater crayfish. The business farm is located in the Mid Murray region and is uniquely designed to conserve the local environment. The business uses sustainable land management practices such as planting native vegetation to prevent erosion and maintain water quality. They also implement a closed-loop water system that recycles the water used for growing their crayfish. This system has significantly reduced the amount of fresh drinking water used by the business. To contact The Organic Crayfish, call them on (08) 8575 1322.

7. Bowerbird Australia

Bowerbird Australia is a business that produces eco-friendly and ethical textiles. Their products are designed using environmentally-friendly materials such as organic cotton that has been grown without herbicides and pesticides. The business uses solar power to power their factory to reduce their carbon footprint. Their products are also printed using non-toxic dyes and manufactured using ethical labour practices. To contact Bowerbird Australia, call them on (08) 8582 3006.

Overall, the Mid Murray region of South Australia has a range of eco-green businesses that contribute to the sustainability of the environment. These businesses are committed to reducing their ecological footprint by implementing eco-friendly solutions. They also contribute to the local economy, creating job opportunities and promoting sustainable growth in the region.

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